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3.5 Billion That is the number of social media users recorded worldwide for 2021. 63% That is the percentage of consumers who search for businesses online that are more likely to convert to customers of the brand with an established social media presence. Marketing strategy can be referred to as the overall business game plan for reaching strangers and turning them into customers. From...

Is your business looking for ways to improve your content marketing strategy? Content marketing is defined as the plan for building an audience through the creation, publishing, maintenance and spreading of frequent and consistent content. The sole purpose of this content being to educate, entertain and inspire strangers in such a way that they turn into loyal customers. Your business may already...

Having a website forms part of your online presence and can have a massive impact on your success. A website represents your organisation and portrays you as credible. It showcases your brand, increases your chances of getting leads, and can save you time by providing efficient customer service. In addition, it makes updates and announcements to your customer base much...

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