Level Zero | Content marketing strategy 101: 7 Ways to improve your content marketing strategy
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Content marketing strategy 101: 7 Ways to improve your content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy 101: 7 Ways to improve your content marketing strategy

Is your business looking for ways to improve your content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is defined as the plan for building an audience through the creation, publishing, maintenance and spreading of frequent and consistent content. The sole purpose of this content being to educate, entertain and inspire strangers in such a way that they turn into loyal customers.

Your business may already have some content marketing in place, but you may find it tedious and difficult to maintain. Level-Zero has some strategic solutions that can help you.

Here are some suggestions and ways you can improve your content marketing strategy:

Content marketing strategy 101: 7 Ways to improve your content marketing strategy

Budget sensibly

It’s no secret that content marketing doesn’t come cheap. But, if done well, whether you are putting the time and effort in yourself or outsourcing the job, the value of time and money spent will be noticed.

Spending heaps of money on content that customers don’t want to read about is just foolish. Take a step back and have a good look at your website analytics. Find out what is working, and which content is driving traffic to your website. Then do more of that! You can improve your overall reword with much less effort by finding one or two working strategies and focusing on them solely.

Define your audience

The following sentence is extremely important: YOU ARE NOT YOUR AUDIENCE. Make use of personas to model the audiences for your content marketing. Understand them like you understand your favourite book. Personas are fictional characters, that represent your audience. You create them based on your research. Each persona represents the different user types that might use your service, product, site, or brand in a similar way. Creating personas will help you to understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

If you wouldn’t read it out loud to your friends, don’t share it with your readers

An effective way of testing if your content is good enough to publish, is to think about reading it to people whose opinion you care about. Ask yourself, are my facts supported by evidence? Did I edit my copy the best that I could? Did I keep my reader in mind while creating the article? Or did I just create the content to tick a box. Content must be meaningful and should be worth sharing.

Make best friends with a schedule

Consistency is key. Customers love knowing when to expect to see new content from you. Quality and creative content makes it possible for readers to engage. This means that they will start looking forward to reading your new content on a regular basis. Remember though, your scheduling time may differ from channel to channel. You need to see when the best time is to post and then schedule accordingly.

Set some goals

If you don’t know what goals you are working on, how will you ever be able to achieve them? After looking at your analytics and zooming in your focus on specific channels, at specific times, why not also set your goals.

Break down each of these goals by creating monthly milestones you want to reach. Here are some examples:

Create clear guidelines

Whether it’s you or a team of people helping put together your content, provide clear guidelines on the look, feel and tone of the content you are sharing. It helps provide your customer with a strong understanding of who your business is and what you stand for. Look at this example for Coke. You can easily recongnise their branding elements even if they stand alone. This is a great example of consistent branding.

Keep your content closely related

Creating content about diverse topics is not always a bad idea when testing out new strategies but creating content and writing about topics that are closely related would be a smarter move. Having content pieces that relate to each other means that they can build on each other. This will result in your audience spending more time on your page as they move through your content.


These are just a few tip on how you can improve your content marketing strategy. These are many other tactics that you can apply. If you need to step up your game, level up with Level-Zero. Chat to us, let’s see how we can help you.

Level-Zero is your number 1 content management strategy solution

Level-Zero are content creation gurus. We specialise in content marketing strategies, email marketing, landing pages and copywriting. With over 15 years’ experience in marketing across many industries, we pride ourselves in always striving to keep abreast with our customers’ needs through constant innovation and research into human behavior so as to develop new ways for brands to connect with their customers. Our purpose is to build strong relationships with our clients and help them take their brands to greater heights. Make us part of your marketing team today.

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