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How social media marketing can contribute to your marketing strategy

How social media marketing can contribute to your marketing strategy

3.5 Billion

That is the number of social media users recorded worldwide for 2021.


That is the percentage of consumers who search for businesses online that are more likely to convert to customers of the brand with an established social media presence.

Marketing strategy can be referred to as the overall business game plan for reaching strangers and turning them into customers. From the statistic above it is quite obvious that adding Social Media to your marketing strategy will somehow be beneficial for your business, with emphasis on, WHEN DONE RIGHT.

You might be wondering how exactly social media contributes to your marketing strategy. Let us have a look…

We have identified 7 ways in which social media marketing can contribute to your marketing strategy

Create Humanised Interactions

Dealing with faceless corporates is a thing of the past. More results can be seen through the humanising of social media efforts. Social media is the perfect medium to practice rapid response and building a customer connection, rather than putting them through sometimes frustrating automated telephone queues.

Develop Customer Brand Loyalty

As is evident below, brand loyalty is extremely important to a business because it leads to repeat purchases, which in turn leads to higher revenue and customer referrals.

Stats show that 66% of users between the age of 18 and 24 years old are more loyal to brands they follow on social media. Therefore, brands who engage on social media channels receive a higher percentage of loyalty from their customers.

Enjoy conversion from all market types

Social media is not just meant for conversion in B2C markets but can also lead to conversion in B2B environments. Social media is a very effective tool for gaining new leads and moving potential customers through your sales funnel, helping your business achieve its overall goals.

Improve customer service

Social media has changed the game for delivering customer service completely, moving it from talking to call centre employees to quick and easy social media posting. This helps brands to demonstrate how responsive they can be towards their customers. Dealing with complaints in this manner creates a positive image and increases brand loyalty.

Develop a competitive advantage

Social media marketing offers many benefits and being present in these consumer spaces gives your brand a definite competitive advantage. Being part of a social media community will challenge you and your resources, but at the end of the day it will make you a better and more efficient brand. What’s more, having a social media presence when your competition doesn’t puts you one giant step ahead!

Drive more sales

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage and inform your social media audience about your products so that ultimately, they will buy from you. According to research 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who are not.

Improve brand awareness

Building brand awareness doesn’t just happen overnight. It happens over a long period of time, where you have to constantly prove that your brand is trustworthy to your client. Being visible on social media will provide more opportunities to connect to your audience and will help grow your overall brand awareness.


In a nutshell social media contributes to your marketing strategy in various ways. It helps to humanise your business-customer engagement. Social media helps increase brand loyalty. Social media contributes to conversion rates, not only for B2C markets but for B2B markets as well. The face of customer service has changed thanks to social media. Your customers reach you easier, giving you the opportunity to respond quickly and create a positive brand image. Having a social media presence when your competition doesn’t, already puts you one giant step ahead. Sales go up and you develop the opportunity to spread brand awareness like wildfire.


The secret to benefit from social media is DOING IT RIGHT.

Do it right with Level-Zero

Level-Zero is a leader in the digital marketing world with emphasis on social media platform marketing. We offer engaging content and campaign creation and offer content publishing and behaviour monitoring services too. With over 15 years’ experience in marketing we are more than equipped to help you with your social media needs. It’s time to step up your marketing strategy. Get in touch with us now.

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